Project SUN (Survivor Unification Network)


What is Project S.U.N.?

Project S.U.N. (Survivor Unification Network) is our program component dedicated to bringing resources for Psychological Aid to trauma survivors.  We work with communities to help children and families affected by trauma.  Led by licensed psychologists, our team uses evidenced-informed, innovative approaches in addition to talk therapy with children and adults exposed to traumatic event, natural disaster, public health emergency, or personal crisis.

Primary Aim of Project S.U.N.

Unlike many trauma relief efforts aimed at providing trauma survivors with much needed tangible necessities to ensure their safety and livelihood, Project S.U.N. provides Psychological Aid and mental health solutions to help reduce the psychological impact of trauma and enhance post-disaster adaptive functioning.   

We realize the importance of providing early intervention to help prevent development of severe psychopathology and disabling problems (e.g., PTSD, depression, alcohol abuse, relationship problems, disruptive behavior) following trauma.  To help thwart their development, we provide mental health services aimed at building and enhancing social and emotional competencies of those exposed to traumatic events.

First things first

Participation in Project S.U.N.’s clinical program begins with a clinical assessment to determine the person’s needs and gather relevant background information such as history of trauma exposure and types (including natural disasters, community violence, and traumatic grief), comorbidities, risk factors, and depth of treatment. The information gained from the assessment is used to develop an individualized treatment plan.  Additional assessments are conducted throughout treatment to gauge progress and adjust treatment as needed.

Importance of Parental Involvement

Undeniably, parents have a significant impact on children’s trauma response, and greater parental support leads to more positive outcomes for children.  Because of this important connection, we encourage parental involvement as an integral part of our services. Throughout, we empower parents to reduce parental stress and provide meaningful parental support for their children. 

Future Activities

Unlike traditional forms of mental health treatment, we also envision incorporation of fine art collaborations because we believe that fine arts can be healing and life enhancing.  


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